» Heat Treatment Salts and Carburizer Liquids:

Compounds Description
01. MSR 660

A neutralizing salt for tool steels and carbon steels

02. MSR 970

A neutralizing salt with higher working range for higher Speed steels and hot working steels.

03. MSR 330

An Annealing salt for Aluminum and its Alloy

04. MSR 830

A Neutralsilng salt with higher working range for high Carbon and chromium steels.

05. MSR 150

A tempering salt for both austempering and Martempering of hardened machine parts and tools.

06. MSR 220

A tempering salt with higher range of temperature for Austempering of hardened steels.

07. MSR 495

A quenching salt for secondary hardening or tempering

08. MSR 540

A quenching salt for high speed and hot working steels.

09. MSR Liquid Carburizer

A liquid carburizer to increase/create the case depth of Carbon on the metal surface.

10. MSR Regenerator

A Powdered compounds for increasing efficiency of & MSR Economiser molten salts and decarbourisation of metals.


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