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M.S.R. Chemicals established in the year 1989, and started its manufacturing activities of producing full range of Metal pre and post treatment chemicals, Heat treatment salts, and liquid carburizing fluids, in the year 1990.

Our pre and post treatment chemicals includes:

» Cleaner & Deruster
Our Mission is
"Delighting Customers with our products helping them to improve profitability", have been our constant endeavour.
» Acid inhibitors & Descaling compounds
» Phosphating & Accelerating Compounds
» Aluminium Treatment, Rust Preventive
   & Passivating Compounds

Our Technology of producing Heat Treatment Salts is based on "Moltan Salt Technology", where the salts are melted and the metals are soaked at particular temperature range and for particular duration to obtain the required mechanical properties. MSR is also manufacturing a suitable liquid for gas carburising, which helps in penetrating carbon to the metal surface to make the metal more harden. This can be further hardened, Annealed and Tempered for various application. Heat Treatment is the lost operation, after which the metal is taken for required service.

M.S.R.'s manufacturing range of metal pre and post treatment chemicals and Heat Treatment Chemicals are:

  1. Cleaners, Derusters and Phosphating Chemicals.

  2. Acid Inhibitors & Descaling Compounds.

  3. Aluminum Treatment, Rust Preventive Passivation compounds and others.

  4. Heat Treatment Chemicals & liquid carburizers.

We specialize in supplying quality Products as per the specification and customer's requirement with Competitive price and on time delivery and effective follow up are the main mile stone for us.

Our motive is to provide Technical Support by supplying flowless products to Engineering and Automotive Industries.

Our Sister Concern M.S.Industrial Services is having facilities for job work in post treatment, which includes cleaning, Derusting, Phosphating, Rust Proofing and Spray Painting and Powder Coating.

The enquiry is a welcome and we try to provide best suited products/services.

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